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This website is managed by the Swedish Beer Consumers Association (Svenska Ölfrämjandet in swedish), a non-profit organisation founded in 1985 for people interested in Beer in Sweden. Our organisation is a member of EBCU, the European Beer Consumers Union.

We work to improve the situation for beer consumers in Sweden, a long-term work which we carry out by widening the understanding of beer as a quality and a cultural beverage. Beer's reputation as common booze has to be replaced with a more respectful understanding of beer as an old cultural beverage.

The Swedish Beer Consumers Association has activities all over Sweden. As a member, you are a participant in the struggle for a better beer Sweden!

This site contain news, articles and our calendar (all in swedish).

We also maintain a list of all Swedish breweries.

If you have questions, want to get in touch with us or want to become a member of Svenska Ölfrämjandet please contact us.

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Hope you will enjoy these pages and be able to find what you are looking for!